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May Racing News

Congratulations to the following club finishers at the Andrew Meir 7-mile Trail Race, held at the Granogue Estate on April 30th:

  • Mike Monagle, 48:47, 2nd OA, 1st AG
  • Jeff Kammerzelt, 51:16, 3rd AG
  • Darian Sorouri, 55:33, 1st AG
  • Annie Pilson, 1:00:28, 2nd AG
  • Melissa Lafferty, 1:00:48, 3rd AG
  • Bijan Sorouri, 1:03:16
  • Carol Giampietro, 1:09:31, 1st AG
  • Mark McKinney, 1:09:33
  • Lori Shiflett, 1:12:07
  • The club turned out to support the Broad Street Run 10-miler on May 1st.   Great performances were turned in by:

  • Jeff Moran, 1:04:01
  • Eric Larsen, 1:07:23
  • Mo Leffler, 1:07:43
  • Cajun Mike Bullinger, 1:12:04
  • Megan Larsen, 1:12:39
  • Tom Lord, 1:19:59
  • Jeff Moran finished the Bob Potts Heritage Rail Trail Marathon , held in York, PA on May 15th, with a great time of 3:21:48.  Good job, Jeff!

    Darian Sorouri placed 1st overall in the Cougar Classic 5K on May 26th, in a time of 18:41.   Lynn Knothe continued her two race a weekend habit to win the May 29th First in Service 5K in a time of 19:52.   Lynn then continued down to the beach to win her age group at the May 30th Highway One 5K in a time of 19:45.   Several club members turned out for the May 30th Run for the Ages 5K in Rockford Park.   Among those finishing were:

  • Darian Sorouri, 19:39, 2nd OA, 1st AG
  • Jim Walsh, 20:12, 2nd AG
  • Kirsten Belair, 20:58, 1st AG
  • Anna Schumeyer, 37:00, 3rd AG
  • Hal Clouser, 38:06

  • Members, please e-mail your race results to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .