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X-C Course Change at BCSP

Trail renourishment at Brandywine Creek State Park has resulted in some trail closures.  The cross country course for all fall, 2010 races has been revised.  This revision includes our November 27th Cross Country Championship races.



Summer Racing News

Jeff Kammerzelt, 11:06:49, and John Schlosser, 11:14:20, both posted excellent times in completing the July 25th Lake Placid Ironman Triathlon.   Lynn Knothe turned in a pair of overall wins at the beach on the weekend of July 31st.   On Saturday she posted an 18:41 at the Venus on the Half Shell 5K.   On Sunday she doubled with an 18:43 win at the Run for JJ 5K.

Adam Singer has been busy racking up great duathlon and triathlon performances this summer:

  • June 13th, Franklin Lakes Duathlon, Pemberton, NJ, 5K Run/40K Bike/10K Run, 2nd Overall
  • June 19th, Parvin State Park, NJ Sprint Triathlon, ΒΌ m Swim; 12 mile Bike/ 5k Run; 1st age 50-54
  • July 17th, Sunset Duathlon, Bridgeton, NJ, 2m Run, 16 m Bike/ 5k Run, 1st age 50-54
  • July 25th, NJ State Tri, Mercer County Park, NJ. 1.5K Swim, 25 m Bike, 10K run, 2nd Age, 50-54
  • August 8th, Steelman Tri, Lake Nockamixon, PA, 1.5K Swim, 24 m Bike, 10K run, 2nd Age, 50-54.
  • Lynn Knothe won her age group at the August 14th Ausherman 5-miler in Chambersburg, PA with a time of 31:02.   Audrey Coughenour was the overall winner of the August 14th Pace For Prevention 5K in a time of 20:28, on pace with her father Jay.   Eric Larsen, 1:34:48, and Kristy Baxter, 1:38:31, traveled to NYC on August 15th to complete the Bronx Half Marathon.

    Down at the beach, Caroline Silverman set a new 10-13 year old age group course record at the Seven Sisters Highway One 10K, finishing in a time of 54:49!   Way to go, Caroline!

    Club members posted some great performances amongst a very large field in the August 18th Tour De Lance 5K: Rodney Rosario, 16:30, 1st AG; Amy Blithe, 18:16, overall winner; Lynn Knothe, 18:55, 2nd AG; Adam Singer, 19:03, 2nd AG.

    Members, please send your racing results and photos to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


    4 Pete's Sake 5K Results

    Results for the July 17th running of the 4 Pete's Sake 5K are now posted here.

    DSC June 24th Track Championships Results

    Mike Monagle's re-cap and results from the June 24th Distance Medley Relay and 5000m track race are posted here.   Many thanks to both Mike and Jimmy Walsh for their organization of this fine event!

    Mom's House 5K Results

    Results from the June 23rd Mom's House 5K can be found here.

    Father-Daughter 5K Results

    Results from the June 20th Father-Daughter 5K, held at Bellevue State Park, are posted here.

    B+ 5K Results

    Those searching for results from the June 17th B+ 5K can find them through this link.

    2010 Festival of Miles Results

    Results from the Delaware Running Club's June 10, 2010 Festival of Miles are posted here.   Thank you to all who participated.  Don't forget our next track event at AI DuPont HS on June 24th.


    June Racing News

    Congratulations to Mo Leffler on an awesome finish for her first ultramarathon.  Mo placed 4th overall woman and 2nd in her age group in the June 5th North Face Endurance Challenge 50K, held in Washington, DC.   Her 5:30:55 finishing time is especially impressive considering the hot and humid conditions under which the event was held.

    Jay and Audrey (age 12) Coughenour had a rare father-daughter sweep as overall winners of the June 5th Blue Hen 5K.   Their times were 18:18 and 20:57, respectively.

    On June 6th, Stephen Garrett (age 13) was the overall winner of the St. Anthony's Italian Festival 5K in a time of 17:44.

    The June 12th Arthur Turner Scholarship 5K came with an excellent post-race breakfast on the Wilmington Riverfront.  Club members finished well:

  • Matt Cutrona, 17:51, 1st AG, 2nd OA
  • Frank Sutman, 18:52, 1st AG, 4th OA
  • Bobby B., 22:13
  • Caroline Silverman (age 12), 24:53, 1st AG
  • Dana Silverman (running with broken foot), 25:30, 2nd AG
  • Member results from the June 17th B+ 5K are as follows:

  • Steve Sinko, 15:53, OA winner
  • Steven Garrett, 17:03, 1st AG
  • Amy Blithe, 18:18, OA winner
  • Sara Walker, 19:42, 1st AG
  • Jen Watunya, 19:43, 1st AG
  • Audrey Coughenour, 20:01, 2nd AG
  • Jay Coughenour, 20:03, 2nd AG
  • Mike Whitman, 20:05, 3rd AG
  • Tom Lord, 20:59, 3rd AG
  • Carol Giampietro, 22:12, 1st AG
  • Member results from the June 19th Miles for Molly 5K are as follows:

  • Lynn Knothe, 19:37, OA winner
  • Linda Odle, 21:16, 1st AG
  • Frank Pagliaro, 21:24
  • Several members posted great times at the June 20th St. Andrews Sprint Triathlon, including a Sorouri family hat trick:

  • Bill Lafferty, 1:14:51, 3rd AG
  • Jim Walsh, 1:20:27
  • Bijan Sorouri, 1:26:47
  • Kian Sorouri, 1:40:10, 2nd AG
  • Darian Sorouri, 1:44:00,
  • Lynn Knothe was selected as a "Cape Region Athlete of the Week".  Quite a feat for an "up-stater".

    Members, don't see your name listed here?   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it us your results for posting!


    May Racing News

    Several members took a rare opportunity to explore the Granogue Estate in the May 1st Andrew Mein Trail Race.  The course was stated to be "more or less" 7 miles.   Congratulations go out to:

  • Kelan Wieloch, 58:24, 2nd AG
  • Chris Bartges, 59:01, 2nd AG
  • Mike Whitman, 1:01:30
  • Bijan Sorouri, 1:05:02, 2nd AG
  • We had some fast folks up in Philly for the May 2nd Broad Street Run.  Delaware teams took home honors for 2nd place open male and female teams.   Congratulations to the following harriers for some fast times on a hot day:

  • Steve Sinko, 54:57
  • Mike Monagle, 56:04
  • Kevin Kemmerle, 56:27
  • Matt O'Brian, 57:58
  • Kyle Carrick, 1:01:13
  • Tim Brock, 1:01:14
  • Amy Blithe, 1:04:43
  • Vicki Rudawsky, 1:09:29
  • Melissa Lafferty, 1:09:31
  • Lynn Knothe, 1:09:34
  • Annie Pilson, 1:11:06
  • Trudy Monagle, 1:22:55
  • Meanwhile, back in Wilmington, Gordon and Cindy Kaiser picked up husband / wife age group wins in the May 2nd Teal Ribbon 5K.  Their times were 20:52 and 28:06, respectively.

    Carol Giampietro makes the news.   Read her interview here. Shortly after the interview, Carol set her marathon PR of 3:29:20 and won her age group in the May 16th Pocono Marathon.

    John Cahoon ran a 2:55:45 for a second place age group finish in the May 16th Delaware MarathonFrank Bour(1:34:22) and Theresa Kauffman (1:37:17) posted great times in the accompanying half marathon, with Theresa winning her age group.

    Lynn Knothe continued her OCD race habit with an impressive 40:12 in the Rite Aid 10K, held on May 16th in Cleveland, Ohio.

    Matt Cutrona (17:41) and Amy Blithe (18:36) were the overall male and female winners of the May 22nd Stroll for Epilepsy.

    Several members placed well in the May 26th Kicking Cancer 5K:

  • Mike Digennaro, 17:52, 1st AG
  • Jay Coughenour, 19:11, 1st AG
  • Lynn Knothe, 20:14, OA Female Winner
  • Lee Kauffman, 20:50
  • Linda Odle, 21:34, 1st AG, great come back effort!
  • The Run for Ages 5K capped off a great racing month on a steamy Memorial Day morning:

  • Matthew Cutrona, 18:18, Overall Winner
  • Amy Blithe, 19:03, Overall Winner
  • Vicki Rudawsky, 19:04, 1st AG
  • John Speer, 19:38, 2nd AG
  • Melissa Lafferty, 20:04, 2nd AG
  • Jim Walsh, 20:34, 1st AG
  • Kirsten Belair, 21:23, 2nd AG
  • Darian Sorouri, 21:37, 2nd AG
  • Anne Pilson, 21:43, 3rd AG
  • Bill Lafferty, 21:55, 3rd AG
  • Carol Giampetro, 23:14, 1st AG
  • Kian Sorouri, 24:27, 3rd AG
  • Bijan Sorouri, 24:32
  • Members, don't see your name listed here?   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it us your results for posting!


    Tom Fort Receives RRCA President's Award

    Our very own Tom Fort has been nationally recognized by the Road Runners Club of America.  Tom just received the President's Award at the RRCA National Convention.   This honors his 27-year tenure as the Delaware State RRCA Representative and 4-year term as RRCA Treasurer and Board member.   In the photo are Jean Knaack, RRCA Executive Director, Tom Fort, and Brent Ayer, RRCA President.  Tom, thanks for all of your service to runners everywhere!


    April Racing News

    Lynn Knothe and Greg Cauller travelled to California for the April 11th Carlsbad 5000, posting an 18:58 and 17:17, respectively.

    The DRC made a fine showing at the Buckley's Race for Wishes 10K and 5K, held April 17th on the "hilliest 10K course in Delaware".   Members took home a lot of Buckley's gift certificates, including


  • Mike Monagle, 35:03, 1st OA
  • John Cahoon, 37:33, 1st AG
  • Frank Sutman, 40:07, 1st AG
  • Jessica Dahlberg, 40:53, 1st OA
  • Frank Bour, 43:53
  • Annie Pilson, 44:35
  • Bijan Sorouri, 48:00
  • 5K

  • Greg Cauller, 17:45, 1st OA
  • John Cahoon, 18:41, 1st AG (Double!)
  • Lynn Knothe, 20:25, 1st OA
  • Darian Sorouri, 21:58, 2nd AG
  • The Boston Marathon was held April 18th.  As usual, many club members made the trip north and east to Hopkinton.  Congratulations to these finishers.

  • Steve Sinko, 2:28:25
  • Brian Driscoll, 2:57:36
  • Matt Cutrona, 3:12:59
  • Cindy Cucuzzella, 3:15:15
  • Lee Kauffman, 3:22:07
  • Theresa Kauffman, 3:31:50
  • Eric Larsen, 3:33:46
  • Doug White, 3:45:19
  • Tom Lord, 3:46:20
  • Doug Adelman, 3:48:31
  • Mo Leffler and Bobby B. both completed the Triple Crown Trail Races at White Clay Creek State Park on April 24th.   Both completed the demanding half marathon, 10K, and 5K series.  Mo won her age group with a combined 34-point total. Bobby placed with a 100-point combined total.   Kristy Baxter thought running the half marathon was enough for a morning, winning her age group in that event with a time of 1:54:35.

    Congratulations to Jessica Dahlberg, who placed 12th in her age division at the April 25th USAT Duathlon National Championship in Richmond, Virginia.  Jessica's finishing time was 1:55:03.

    Members, don't see your name listed here?   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it us your results for posting!


    Annual Meeting

    The Delaware Sports Club held our annual meeting at the Delaware Running Company store on April 12th.  The Sports Club consists of the Delaware Running Club and our Track & Field and X-C Officials Group.   Tom Fort has been President since 1978 and is retiring.   We honored Tom for service to the club above and beyond the call of duty.   Dr. Irene Davis, Univ. of Delaware, guided us on a spirited discussion of barefoot running.   A crowd of about 50 enjoyed pizza and beverages donated by Frank's Union Wine Mart.   We elected a new Board of Directors to guide the club with Tom's retirement.  All in all it was a fine evening.

    Thanks for the evening are due to Tom Fort and Jimmy Walsh for organization, Mike Monagle for acting as host, Dr. Irene Davis for serving as our guest speaker, Frank Pagliaro for first class beverages, and the following members who have agreed to serve as Directors:

  • Mark Armstrong
  • David Cummings
  • Michelle Flanagan
  • Bill Gambogi
  • Bill Martin
  • Mike Monagle
  • Bud Oppermann
  • Vicki Rudawsky
  • Rick Schumeyer
  • Frank Sutman
  • Jim Walsh
  • Paddy Wilcox

    March Racing News

    The club turned out in fine fashion for the March 7th JCC Snowball 5-miler.  We enjoyed sunshine and temperatures topping 50F!  A clear highlight was Melissa Lafferty smashing the 45-49 age group Delaware State Record for 5 miles.  Congrats. also to Amy Blithe who was the overall female winner!   Afterwards a large contingent of hungry harriers descended upon Grotto Pizza for a late lunch and excellent conversation.

  • Steve Sinko, 26:51, 1st AG
  • Jeff Kammerzelt, 29:43
  • Matt Cutrona, 30:47
  • Amy Blithe, 30:58, OA Female Winner
  • Frank Sutman, 31:26
  • Melissa Lafferty, 32:43, 1st AG, State Record!
  • Vicki Rudawsky, 32:44, 2nd AG
  • Chris Bartges, 33:22
  • Eric Larsen, 34:02
  • Annie Pilson, 35:00, 3rd AG
  • Linda Odle, 36:46
  • Carol Giampietro, 37:04, 1st AG
  • Bijan Sorouri, 37:38
  • Rick Schumeyer, 38:06
  • Alexis Andrianopoulos, 40:43
  • Bill Gambogi, 40:44
  • Elsewhere on March 7th,   Lynn Knothe continued her race road trip a week habit with boyfriend Greg and was the overall female winner in the Tim Kennard 5K in Salisbury, MD, posting a breakthrough time of 19:20.   Lee Kauffman posted a 1:11:29 in the accompanying 10-miler, good for a 3rd place AG finish.   Theresa Kauffman ran a 1:14:01 in the 10-miler, which earned her masters champion status!

    Kristy Baxter ran a 1:36:22 in the March 20th Shamrock Half Marathon, held in Virginia Beach.   Lynn Knothe turned in a 32:33 in the accompanying 8K, which gave her a 2nd place age group finish.

    Matt O'Brian ran a 2:41:17 to win his age group and place 11th overall in the March 20th Washington, DC National Marathon.   Liz Paul posted a 3:08:33 in her marathon debut at the same race for a second place age group finish.

    Club finishers in the March 21st Caesar Rodney Half Marathon are as follows:

  • Steve Sinko, 1:13:19, 2nd AG
  • Matt Cutrona, 1:24:52
  • Jeff Kammerzelt, 1:25:22
  • Amy Blithe, 1:26:26, 1st AG
  • Adam Singer, 1:28:23
  • Doug Adelman, 1:39:40
  • Carol Giampietro, 1:40:01, 1st AG
  • Bijan Sorouri, 1:44:16
  • Frank Pagliaro 1:44:59
  • Frank Pagliaro 5K 21:33, 1st AG, great double!
  • Members, don't see your name listed here?   Please e-mail your race results to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


    X-C Scholarship Winners Announced

    The Delaware Sports Club is proud to recognize our 2009 X-C Scholarship Winners.   Mary Kathleen Steiner of Padua is our girls winner.   Tyler G. Slouf of Charter School is our boys winner.   Each student will be awarded $2000 for the 2010-2011 academic year to help fund their college education.   They will have the opportunity to extend the scholarship for $1000 each during their sophomore years by maintaining grades and running.   Your support of the Fall Fling and the Delaware Open X-C Championship enables us to make these awards.   Thank you!

    Winter Racing News

    Lynn Knothe took a road trip to Jacksonville, FL to become the overall female winner of the Last Gasp Cross Country 5K Race on December 27th.   Her time of 18:19 was an OMG moment until it was evident that the course had been shortened by construction to about 2.7 miles.  Lynn continued her winning ways the next weekend at the January 3rd Super Bowl 5K, winning her age group and placing second overall female in 20:41 whilst enduring some hideous weather conditions.

    That hideous winter weather continued the next weekend for the January 10th Icicle Run 10-miler, which lived up to its name in every respect.  Despite conditions so severe that one contestant's eyelid froze shut, a few runners insisted upon wearing shorts!   Club members turned in some impressive performances:

  • Mike Monagle, 1:00:19, 2nd AG
  • Frank Sutman, 1:05:47, 2nd AG
  • Adam Singer, 1:06:36, 2nd AG
  • Amy Blithe, 1:06:46, 1st AG
  • Tara Huang, 1:09:32, 1st AG
  • Jeff Langrehr, 1:15:50
  • Theresa Kauffman, 1:16:04, 2nd AG
  • Bobby B, 1:21:09
  • Congratulations to Cindy Cucuzzella for an impressive 3:14:36 time and 6th place age group finish in the January 17th Chevron Houston Marathon.


    Christmas Eve Run

    Old and young friends alike gathered on Christmas Eve morning for the annual DRC holiday run.   Frigid temperatures, ice, and snow did not deter us and a great crowd assembled at Can Do Park.   We followed the Greenway Path for about two miles until the plow stopped.   We then resorted to the road.   Thanks to everyone for keeping this holiday tradition alive and well.   Happy Holidays to all!


    Delaware Open X-C Championship Results

    Race results are now posted HERE.   Thanks to all of our participants, sponsors, and volunteers.   See you next year on Saturday, November 27, 2010!

    November Racing News

    Lynn Knothe placed 2nd overall with a time of 33:44 in the York, PA White Rose 5-miler.   The race was held Oct. 31st.

    Congratulations to Bobby B. for completing the Nov. 1st New York City Marathon in 4:01.34.

    "Old Timer" club members were out in force for the New Castle County Cross Country Championships on Nov. 7th.  The race at Winterthur provided some impressive results.  Congrats. to all who competed!

  • Zach Chupa, 17:11
  • Jon Corsini, 17:24
  • Vicki Rudawsky, 18:55, 1st OA Female
  • Jim Walsh, 19:21, legitimate old timer
  • Amy Blithe, 19:50, 3rd OA Female
  • Bijan Sorouri, 23:00
  • Carol Giampietro, 23:07
  • Bill Gambogi, 27:08
  • The DRC was out in force for the November 14th Richmond Suntrust Marathon.   Annie Pilson (3:17:48),  Emily Meeker (3:28:37), and Kristy Baxter (3:35:43) all finished with impressive times.   Congratulations especially to Emily on completing her first marathon!   Dirk Veenema finished the accompanying half marathon in 1:30:54.

    Also on November 14th,  Matt Cutrona , 17:12, and Tara Huang , 19:13, were the overall male and female winners at the Wilmington Girls on the Run 5K.   Theresa Kauffman ran a 21:50 to win her age group.

    Lynn Knothe took in a left coast race at the Run For Her Ovarian Cancer Research 5K in Los Angeles on November 15th.   She placed third in her age group and eighth overall woman with a time of 20:09.

    Jeff Kammerzelt placed second in age group at the November 21st Rehoboth Beach Seashore Marathon, in a time of 3:14:36.   Adam Singer won his age group with time of 39:39 at the November 21st Barksdale Turkey Trot 10K.   Cindy Cucuzzella won her age group at the Philadelphia Half Marathon on November 22nd with a time of 1:29:25.


    Pro Bono 5K Results

    Results from the November 1st Pro Bono Celebration 5K Run / Walk are posted here.
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