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DRC Mile Festival Results

Participants were very thankful for the decision to re-schedule our mile festival to June 13th, due to the record-breaking heat on June 9th.  Monday evening was delightfully cool and breezy, and made for fines time on the AI DuPont HS track.   Thanks to all who participated and those who showed up to cheer them on.   Thanks especially to Mike and Jimmy for organizing, Ed for the results, and to Bijan for the great photos.   RESULTS


May Racing News

Congratulations to the following club finishers at the Andrew Meir 7-mile Trail Race, held at the Granogue Estate on April 30th:

  • Mike Monagle, 48:47, 2nd OA, 1st AG
  • Jeff Kammerzelt, 51:16, 3rd AG
  • Darian Sorouri, 55:33, 1st AG
  • Annie Pilson, 1:00:28, 2nd AG
  • Melissa Lafferty, 1:00:48, 3rd AG
  • Bijan Sorouri, 1:03:16
  • Carol Giampietro, 1:09:31, 1st AG
  • Mark McKinney, 1:09:33
  • Lori Shiflett, 1:12:07
  • The club turned out to support the Broad Street Run 10-miler on May 1st.   Great performances were turned in by:

  • Jeff Moran, 1:04:01
  • Eric Larsen, 1:07:23
  • Mo Leffler, 1:07:43
  • Cajun Mike Bullinger, 1:12:04
  • Megan Larsen, 1:12:39
  • Tom Lord, 1:19:59
  • Jeff Moran finished the Bob Potts Heritage Rail Trail Marathon , held in York, PA on May 15th, with a great time of 3:21:48.  Good job, Jeff!

    Darian Sorouri placed 1st overall in the Cougar Classic 5K on May 26th, in a time of 18:41.   Lynn Knothe continued her two race a weekend habit to win the May 29th First in Service 5K in a time of 19:52.   Lynn then continued down to the beach to win her age group at the May 30th Highway One 5K in a time of 19:45.   Several club members turned out for the May 30th Run for the Ages 5K in Rockford Park.   Among those finishing were:

  • Darian Sorouri, 19:39, 2nd OA, 1st AG
  • Jim Walsh, 20:12, 2nd AG
  • Kirsten Belair, 20:58, 1st AG
  • Anna Schumeyer, 37:00, 3rd AG
  • Hal Clouser, 38:06

  • Members, please e-mail your race results to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


    Boston Marathon Results

    Congratulations to the following club members who finished the April 18th Boston Marathon.  Special accolades are due to Doug White, who is being inducted into the Delaware Sports Hall of Fame.   Also honored is Don Fessman, who finished his 25th Boston Marathon!

  • Lee Kauffman, 3:21:55
  • Theresa Cannon-Kauffman, 3:47:15
  • Carol Giampietro, 3:48:43
  • Jeff Moran, 4:08:05
  • Doug White, 4:27:49
  • Don Fessman, 5:02:26


    Think First 5K Results

    Results from the 11th Annual Think First 5K are posted here.

    Spring Running News

    DRC turned out on a mild, slightly soggy March 6th morning to support the JCC Snowball 5-miler.   Luckily, once again the race did not live up to its namesake.  Congratulations to the following finishers:

  • Jay Coughenour, 1st AG, 29:07
  • Amy Blithe, 1st AG, 31:27
  • Jeff Moran, 32:19
  • Eric Larsen, 32:30
  • Mo Leffler, 1st AG, 33:12
  • Megan Larsen, 2nd AG, 36:05
  • Frank Pagliaro, 38:10
  • Jeff Kammerzelt completed the uber-challenging Hat 50K Trail Run at Susquehanna State Park in Maryland on March 19th.   Jeff's time was 5:42:30.  Lynn Knothe was the overall female winner at the March 26th Phillies 5K in Philadelphia.  Lynn's time was 19:31.

    We had a good turnout for the Ceasar Rodney Half Marathon on March 27th.   Congratulations to overall winner and new state age group record holder Amy Blithe.

  • Jay Coughenour, 1st AG, 1:20:15
  • Amy Blithe, OA Female, State AG Record, 1:24:17
  • Lee Kauffman, 1:30:40
  • Eric Larsen, 1:31:15
  • Mo Leffler, 1:32:25
  • Megan Larsen, 1:40:35
  • Carol Giampietro, 1:41:15, 2nd AG
  • Theresa Kauffman, 1:41:50
  • Frank Pagliaro, 1:44:18

  • Several intrepid harriers enjoyed the 50th Annual Brandywine End to End Hike on April 9th.   The 36.2-mile course starts at the Horseshoe Trail in PA and ends at BCSP, following the creek.   Read Marty Lessner's excellent story about the adventure here. Finishers were:

  • Frank Sutman, 1st OA, 5:51
  • Kelan Wieloch, 4th OA, 6:08
  • Marty Lessner, 5th OA, 6:20
  • Bruce Balick, 6th OA, 6:20
  • John Cahoon, 8th OA, 7:28
  • Members, please e-mail your race results to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


    DSC Officials At Work

    Delaware Sports Club officials help run the Delaware High School Invitational Meet, held January 30th at the University of Delaware Field House.


    Delaware Sports Club Responds to Losing University of Delaware Men's Running Programs

    On January 19th the University of Delaware announced they are eliminating men's track and field and cross country.  Read Wilmington News Journal coverage of this most disappointing decision here.

    Through athletic endeavors and competition, many of us have learned that fear can be tamed; that on a team the whole is more than the sum of its parts; and that the ability to be heroic lies to a surprising degree, within ourselves.   Unfortunately, contrary to these fundamental lessons, this week the University of Delaware’s Athletic Department, when faced with difficult challenges made the decision that required the least amount of character.  The University of Delaware will drop the Men’s Running program after the 2011 Outdoor Track & Field season, the final chapter of a team with a 100 year history.   The athletic department looked for the easy direction.  They rattled off convenient excuses, blaming the gender inadequacies of Title IX.   They left many active athletes with no avenue of recourse.  Read nothing in to the recent announcement, the decision was made many months ago, and most unfortunately this decision is FINAL.

    Many of our Sports Club members have asked, “How can this happen?”  “Can anything be done to save the program?”   This happened because the University and the Athletic Director have chosen the path they wish to pursue.   Their decision shows little concern for current athletes, and the announcement seemed to hide the true reason.   It has chosen to eliminate a non-revenue producing sport.  It has chosen to use the facilities to assist programs that give the University more prestige prior to a fundraising capital campaign.   The football program needs more.  The football program gives the University national attention, which ultimately gives the University more money.   The answer to the second question is: no, there appears to be nothing that can be done to save the program.   During situations such as these it is easy to point fingers, call names and make accusations.   But as an organization, the Delaware Sports Club cannot do such things.

    Of course many of us are concerned about the athletes that this affects immediately.  For several of these men, they excel in their role as both student AND athlete.   But now they are faced with the decision of transferring to a different school or giving up their passion.   For many there is another great concern, how will this decision affect our grassroots running programs, our future high school and elementary school athletes?

    There are more than one dozen Delaware high school coaches that have gone through the University of Delaware Running Program.   Each of these coaches hopes to instill the love of running to young athletes.   There are countless numbers of parents in our local community that hope their sons or daughters can enjoy a lifelong love of running.   If there are no opportunities to run beyond high school, what reason is there for an athlete to dream?   The University of Delaware is an excellent institution which provides many affordable opportunities to in-state residents, but without a male running program, those academic opportunities are being taken away from several local athletes.   Our community will be left to deal with the consequences of this decision and how they affect our younger athletes.   Perhaps this is another reason for disappointment and anger expressed by so many, they are afraid youth running may wither and die.

    If a running community has a heart, in the state of Delaware, our heart and soul is Coach Jim Fischer.  Coach Fischer is more than just the head of the Men and Women’s Running Programs at the University of Delaware, he is a mentor to many and truly a friend to all.   To many lesser in his profession, the title ‘coach’ is just a title.   But Jim Fischer embodies all that is good in a coach.   He sees potential in every person he encounters, he provides encouragement for every level of athlete.  For years, Jim has selflessly sacrificed his time to: train an athlete; assist a recreational runner; or support a non-profit organization.   His actions do more than just motivate, he inspires others to want to become a coach.   We are thankful that he will remain with the women’s team and as a central part of this community.

    Since it appears that money and national prestige are the key motivating factors behind the University’s decision, it may be your only direct way to protest.   But your voice speaks louder when it is in unison with others.   So tell your friends, tell your work associates, tell your bosses of the University’s unfortunate course of action – let them know why you are unhappy.   If money made them make this decision, perhaps the lack of money will make them rethink it several years from now.

    As a community, we are mourning this loss and will be affected by it for some time.  For the Delaware Sports Club, our efforts and mission remain the same, but we are now burdened with a certain degree of urgency.   More than ever we must ensure our club is an advocate for the running community throughout the State of Delaware.   This challenge must be met by your continuing to support running and ensure opportunities at every level of ability and every age– elementary and high schools; college; and for adults and seniors.

    Michael Monagle
    Delaware Sports Club, VP of Running


    Christmas Eve Run - 2010

    The Christmas Eve Run remains DRC's most popular group run of the year!  Approximately 50 harriers enjoyed the outing from Can Do Park to Bellevue State Park and back along the Northern Delaware Greenway on Christmas Eve morning.   It was good to see many of our "alumni" return for a visit.  Many continued to breakfast at the Golden Castle Diner.   Thanks to photographer Lee Kauffman for an awesome group shot!


    Scholarship Winners Announced!

    The winners of the 2010-2011 Delaware Sports Club X-C Scholarships have been announced.   Meredith Steenkamer of the Charter School of Wilmington is our girl's winner.   Chanon Tuntivate of Brandywine High School is our boy's winner.   Each runner is awarded a $2000 college scholarship for the 2011-2012 school year with the opportunity to renew for an additional $1000 in their sophomore year.   The scholarships were presented by DSC Board Member and Olympian Vicki Rudawsky at the State X-C banquet.   Your support of the Fall Fling and the Delaware Open X-C Championships makes these scholarships possible.   Thank you!


    Congratulations to Lindsay and Joe!

    Congratulations to Lindsay and Joe Switzer on the birth of Jane Catherine Switzer.   Jane was born on December 4th, weighing in at 5 Lb., 15 oz., and was 18 3/4 inches long.   The Switzer family are doing great in Somers Point, NJ but miss all of their Delaware running friends.


    Winter Running and Runner News

    Lynn Knothe won her age group at the December 4th Sam Adams Surf N Santa 10-mile, way down in Virginia Beach, in a time of 1:05:00.   We had a pair of great marathon performances on December 5th.   Adam Singer completed the Dallas-White Rock Marathon in a time of 3:16:19.   Lori Shiflett completed the Rock and Roll Las Vegas Marathon in 3:42:21.   Congrats to all!

    A stalwart group of club members started the 2011 racing year in fine fashion by completing the January 16th PSCI Icicle Run 10-miler.   Congratulations go out to:

  • Jay Coughenour, 2nd AG, 1:01:08
  • Amy Blithe, 1st AG, 1:06:12
  • Jeff Moran, 1:08:34
  • Eric Larsen, 1:09:42
  • Bobby B, 1:15:22
  • Cindy Cucuzzella established a new Delaware state age group record (40-44) at the P.F. Chang's Rock & Roll Marathon in Phoenix on January 16th.   Her time of 3:13:08 was good for a third place age group finish at this major marathon.   Congratulations, Cindy!

    Lee Kauffman (19:47) and Ron Niblett (22:03) brought home a pair of age group wins from the Feb. 5th downstate Run to the Plunge 5K.   Elsewhere on February 5th, Lynn Knothe continued her 5K du jour for a 20:27 age group win at the Florida Today 5K, held in Melbourne, Florida.

    Two Delaware Athletes, Juliet Bottorff, graduate of The Tatnall School, and Chris Slate, graduate of Concord High School, both attained all ACC honors the weekend of Feb. 26th at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va. at the ACC indoor track and field championships.  Chris, a senior at Clemson University, and Juliet, a sophomore at Duke University, both won the Silver medal, each attaining all ACC Accolades.   Juliet ran a personal best for the indoor 5,000 meter run, in 16:10.38.  Chris also ran a personal best for the indoor 800 in 1:51.01.

    Members, please send your winter news to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


    X-C Championship Results

    Results from our November 27th X-C Championship are posted here.  We had 321 finishers in the five races.   That's a record!  Thanks to all who participated, and especially to our volunteers on a cold and windy day!


    Rose's Run 5K Results

    Results from the November 14th Rose's Run 5K are posted here.

    November Racing News

    Congratulations to Annie Pilson for posted a 3:15:28 in the November 13th SunTrust Richmond Marathon.   Annie's excellent performance allowed her to win her age group at this major marathon!  Amy Blithe was the overall female winner at the November 20th Barksdale Turkey Trot 10K in a time of 38:38.   Club President Jimmy Walsh won his age group with a time of 40:20.  12 YO phenomenon Audrey Coughenour was the overall female winner of the accompanying 5K in a time of 20:39.

    Cajun Mike Bullinger qualified for Boston with his 3:30:32 finish at the November 21st Philadelphia Marathon.   DRC Alumna Meredith Lambert smoked the course with a 2:52:50, good for 11th overall female.

    Lynn Knothe ran a 1:00:38 in the highly competitive Thanksgiving Day Run for the Diamonds 9-miler, held in Berwick, PA.   Club president Jim Walsh won his age group at the Wilmington MS Thanksgiving 5K in 18:58.   Ron Niblett placed 3rd in his age group in a time of 22:33.   In the accompanying 10K, Jay Coughenour (36:16) and Caroline Silverman (48:27) both won their age groups. Jeff Kammerzelt and Doug Adelman ran together to finish the Nov. 27th Baltimore County North Central Trail Marathon in 3:45:37.

    Members, please send your race results and photos to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


    The Fall Fling Is A Success!

    Approximately 200 guests attended one heck of a party on Sat., October 23rd at Bellevue State Park's Figure Eight Barn.   Music, food, drink, the silent auction, a photo booth, and even the Phillies on TV combined to keep our partygoers hopping.   We sincerely appreciate the support of all of our financial and product sponsors in making this event able to support college scholarships for deserving runners.   Thank you to all who attended for your support!


    October Racing News

    John Cahoon (5:02), Amy Blithe (5:33), and Lynn Knothe (6:02) competed in Newark's Main Street Mile on October 1st.   Adam Singer won his age group at the October 2nd Hands on House Half Marathon in Lancastaer, PA with a time of 1:28:37.  Also on October 2nd, Bobby B won his age group at the Love of Rita 5K in a time of 21:44.   Eric Larsen recorded a breakthrough 19:16 at the October 3rd HOPE 5K, good for 4th place overall.

    Lots of fast times were turned in at the October 9th Delaware Distance Classic 15K:

  • Steve Sinko, 51:20, 2nd AG
  • Zach Chupa, 54:37, 1st AG
  • John Cahoon, 54:53
  • Amy Blithe, 58:56, 2nd OA
  • Lee Kauffman, 1:03:37
  • Frank Pagliaro, 1:14:28

  • Carol Giampietro recorded a third place age group finish at the October 10th Steamtown Marathon in Scranton, PA, with a time of 3:32:47.

    Finishers from the October 16th Baltimore Marathon included Alex Gambogi (2:59:27), Frank Pagliaro (3:40:27), Megan Brannan (3:57:23), and Bill Gambogi (4:11:08).   This was Megan's first marathon ever and Bill's first in 11 years.   Congratulations to all!   On October 17th, Angela Salvucci completed the Bay State Marathon (Massachusetts) in 4:11:33.   Elsewhere on October 17th, Frank Sutman placed 4th overall and 2nd age group in the 41st Annual Jonas Cattell 10-mile Run from Haddonfield to National Park, NJ, in a time of 1:08:04.

    Club finishers in the October 23rd Cafe Gelato 10-miler included Mike Monagle (1st AG, 1:00:02), Jay Coughenour (2nd AG, 1:02:07), Lee Kauffman (2nd AG, 1:08:00), and Theresa Kauffman (1st AG, 1:12:45).   Also on October 23rd, Lynn Knothe placed 5th overall female in the White Rose 5-miler, held in York, PA, with a time of 31:42.   Steve Sinko traveled to Washington, DC on October 24th to place 39th overall out of over 21,000 finishers in the Army 10-miler .   His time was 53:54. Lynn Knothe was the overall female winner at the Oct. 30th Blue Moon Wicked 10K, held in Virginia Beach.   Her winning time was 38:49.   The club had a big turnout at the Oct. 31st E-Racing The Blues 10K / 5K.  Top finishers in the 5K included Amy Blithe and Melissa Lafferty, who both set state age group records!

  • 5K Results
  • Amy Blithe, 18:35, 1st OA, STATE RECORD!
  • Jimmy Walsh, 19:21, 1st AG
  • Eric Larsen, 19:40, 2nd AG
  • Melissa Lafferty, 19:44, 1st AG, STATE RECORD!
  • Mike Koenigbauer, 22:04, 1st AG
  • 10K Results
  • Adam Singer, 39:47, 1st AG
  • Annie Pilson, 43:11, 2nd AG
  • Bijan Sorouri, 47:34, 3rd AG
  • Alexis Andrianopoulos, 52:20
  • Members, please send your racing results and photos to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


    Hope 5K Results

    Results from the October 3rd Hope 5K may be viewed here.

    End of Summer Night Out

    Stalwart runners braved the remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole on Thursday evening, September 30th to enjoy some camaraderie and tell tall tales at the BBC Tavern and Grill in Greenville.   A good time was had by all who attended!   We hope that you can join us for our next social outing.


    September Racing News

    The "Nature Girlz" brought home a spirited second place submasters finish from the 197-mile Hood to Coast Relay on August 27th - 28th.  The 12-woman team included our very own Amy Blithe, Annie Pilson, Cindy Cucuzzella, and Kate Morris.  Their finishing time was an impressive 23:44:30.

    Kristy Baxter journeyed to Virginia Beach to finish the September 5th Rock and Roll Half Marathon in 1:38:04.

    Lynn Knothe and Matt O'Brian were true speed demons at the September 10th Teri's Run in Downingtown, PA.   Lynn posted a breakthrough 18:16 for 7th overall woman, while Matt blazed the course in 15:28 for 7th overall man.

    Congratulations to Adam Singer for completing the September 12th Toughman Triathlon, 1.2m swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run in 4:59:03 for a second place age group finish.

    Jay Coughenour (1:26:28), Cindy Cucuzzella (1:32:24), and Eric Larsen (1:33:00) completed the September 19th ING Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon.   Congratulations to Cindy Kaiser (2:02:17) on her first half marathon finish.   Team Gambogi turned out in force.   Finishing were Alex (117th, 1:17:47), Dan (1:41:51), Joe (1:45:15), Bill (1:47:52), Bob (1:48:11), and niece Hannah Heck (2:16:09).   Most of you will recognize this race better as the Philadelphia Distance Run.

    Adam Singer was the overall winner of the September 22nd Run for Recovery 5K in a time of 19:18.   It's inspiring to the rest of us to see a 50-year old as the overall winner of any race.   Great job, Adam!   Lynn Knothe was the overall winner of the Dogfish Dash 5K, held in Milton on September 26th.  Her time of 19:10 allowed a commanding position in the post-race beer line!   Also on September 26th, Kristy Baxter was the second overall female in the Naylor's Beach Duathlon (2-mile run, 26-mile bike, 10K run) in Warsaw, Virginia.   Kristy posted an excellent finishing time of 2:28:27.

    Members, please send your racing results and photos to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


    Jack's 4EVRStrong 5K Results

    Jack's 5K was held Sept. 12th at Rockford Park with a huge turnout.  This was the inaugural 5K of the ForeverSTRONG Foundation and all proceeds will benefit childhood cancer research.



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