Delaware 5K track Championship

Distance Medley Relay

Recap and results



Delaware Sports Club Track Championship Series concluded on June 24th at the AI high school track.  This was the third year that the event (now 4 years old) was held at AI.  The hours leading up to the event were wrought with rain, lightning and extreme wind.


Club President and race coordinator Jim Walsh shocked the crowded and surprised the athletes by making the executive decision to race the 5K prior to the Distance Medley Championships over concern of the extreme weather returning.  Perhaps due to the altered schedule, oppressive heat and unpredictable weather, this year’s turnout was significantly lower than previous years down from 20 men and 16 women to five total athletes:

Mike Monagle 17:32

Justin Rogers 19:05

Mike Flanagan 20:02  (he’s 12 yrs old)

Lee Kauffman 21:00

Theresa Kauffman 22:14 Female Overall and Masters Champion


This year’s new event was the Distance Medley Relay.  Again the inclement weather required many team to adjust rosters up to the very last minute.  In fact, the overall team champions came from 3 teams that fell apart and they made the lineup only minutes prior to the start of the race.


The battle for the first two spots went down to the final 600m.  The final spot on the podium stand was tactical throughout.  The boys from Lantat overcame a last minute substitute due to injury to sneak in for 3rd.



1.     The Heavy Weights 11:01 (Dan Suher, Pat Dudley, Rodney Rosario and Eric Macedo)

2.     Pup IV Suds 11:09 (Jim Jennings, Mike Curry, John Mazio, Dan Feeney)

3.     Lantat 11:40  (Mike Monagle, Buckey Pierce, Tim Brock, Zach Chupa)

4.     Bolt   11:41 (Mark Williams, Mike Williams, Rashawn Harris, Darrell Truitt)

5.     LH    11:43  (Zabielski, McCaffrey, Davis, Wade)

6.     No Nonsense  11:55 (Darlington, Jen Watuyna, Sara Walker, Steve Sinko)

7.     Old Trail Buffs  12:46 (John Cahoon, Rick Schumeyer, Jim Walsh, Frank Sutman)

8.     Team Awesome 14:01 (Peter Renai, Caroline Silverman, Mark Corrigan, Mike Flanagan)

9.     Sorouri-Clare 14:29  (Sydney Clare, Kian Sorouri, Bijan Sorouri, Darian Sorouri)

10.  JUST the Girls 14:36 (Emily Gispert, Theresa Kauffman, Kerrin Jennings, Justin Rogers)

11.  Team Singer  15:36   (Adam Singer, Adam Singer, Adam Singer, Adam Singer)


Thank everyone who ran in the races this evening and for the entire series.  Thank you to our volunteers.