Group Runs

We run Mondays and Thursdays from a Tower Hill School parking lot on Tower Road at 5:30 pm (After memorial day – during the summer – we start at 6 pm to avoid some heat – check the calendar). Coming in from Rt. 52, it is the second lot on the left (the first paved lot). Check the calendar for the specific workout scheduled.

On Saturdays, there is almost always a group running from the Siegel Jewish Community Center on Concord Pike. This trail run is at 7:30 am, and is an hour to two hours depending on what people want to do. Usually the group splits up into shorter and longer run groups after 40 minutes. We meet in the back lot by the woods.

Some Saturdays, the calendar will list a road run from AI Dupont HS on rt. 52. These runs have been sporadically attended. Most people seem to want to run trails. Best check-in with others if you don’t want to run by yourself!

Anyone is welcome to come out and run with us. We are not going to ask you for your membership card! People often enquire about the pace of the runs. If you can run forĀ  45 – 50 minutes at an 8:30 minute mile pace on the road you should feel confident. If you are at a 9 to 9:30 pace you might find it challenging, but a challenge is a good thing right?! We are not a beginning runner group but we are pretty casual. If you are unsure, give it a try. If the workout for the day is on the track (calendar will say something like 4×800) or hill repeats, we usually do an easy 2 mile warmup and then do the workout. On the track or doing repeats, your pace doesn’t really matter as much, because we all remain in the same area anyway. Anyhow we won’t leave you lost in the woods! (Well at least not intentionally).